All American: Homecoming – Behind the Mask Cast & Guest Stars – Season 2 Episode 12 (2023)

Keisha works hard on choreographing the Masquerade Dance but takes out her frustrations on Cam; Simone hosts a PKZ alum and is faced with thinking about her future; Damon regrets following JR’s advice.

Original Air Date: February 20, 2023

All American: Homecoming – Behind the Mask Main Cast

Rhoyle Ivy King as Nathaniel Hardin
Peyton Alex Smith as Damon
Geffri Hightower as Simone Hicks
Cory Hardrict as Marcus Turner
Camille Hyde as Thea
Netta Walker as Keisha
Mitchell Edwards as Cam Watkin
Sylvester Powell as JR
Kelly Jenrette as Amara Patterson
Robert Bailey Jr. as Ralph Wells
Leonard Roberts as Zeke Allen
Tamberla Perry as Keena Sims
John Marshall Jones as Leonard Shaw
Derek Rivera as Santiago Reyes

All American: Homecoming – Behind the Mask Guest Stars & Additional Cast

Diahnna Nicole Baxter as Dr. Pace
Martin Bobb-Semple as Orlando 'Lando' Johnson
Jaalen Best as Secret Admirer
Jamad Mays as Rome
Heather Lynn Harris as Gabrielle
Regina Bryant as Lauren
Darius Boatner as Lou
Ryan D. Madison as Janine
Efrangeliz Medina as Toya
Jonas Suber as Perry

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All American: Homecoming Show Information

A young adult sports drama set against the backdrop of the HBCU, aka historically Black colleges and universities, experience at Bringston University, where Black excellence is a way of life. The series follows Simone, a young tennis hopeful from Beverly Hills who is trying to fight her way back after some time away from the court; Damon, an elite baseball player from Chicago who is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders; JR, Damon's fellow baseball player and childhood friend; Thea, the super-competitive queen bee of the Bringston tennis team; and Keisha, the school's unofficial mayor who must help Simone learn how to live her best life. As they contend with the high stakes of college sports, Simone and Damon must also navigate the highs and lows of unsupervised early adulthood at a prestigious HBCU.

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