American Auto – Celebrity Cast & Guest Stars – Season 2 Episode 3 (2023)

When Payne loses their spokesperson, Katherine and the team go to great lengths to woo a new celebrity — Andy Richter — only to have second thoughts.

Original Air Date: February 7, 2023

American Auto – Celebrity Main Cast

Ana Gasteyer as Katherine Hastings
Harriet Dyer as Sadie Ryan
Tye White as Jack Fortin
Michael Benjamin Washington as Cyrus Knight
Humphrey Ker as Elliot
X Mayo as Dori

American Auto – Celebrity Guest Stars & Additional Cast

Andy Richter as Himself
Ryan Reynolds as Himself
Matt Oberg as Gary
Matthew Moy as Dale
Romel De Silva as Greg

American Auto – Celebrity Media – Videos & Photos

American Auto Show Information

The offbeat executives and employees of a major automobile company in Detroit try to adjust to a rapidly shifting industry. New CEO Katherine Hastings, whose bold leadership and business savvy is only slightly offset by her complete lack of knowledge about cars, must steer a crew of diverse characters and opinions in an audacious new direction if they want to keep up with the times -- while dealing with all the issues of life in the modern workplace. From the corporate offices to the factory floor, they'll pull out all the stops to make it work... if they can get out of their own way.

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