Call Me Kat – Call Me Chrismukkah Cast & Guest Stars – Season 3 Episode 9 (2022)

Kat joins Max at his rock climbing gym to keep a close eye on him; Carter has to spice up the bar after being excluded from a Christmas pub crawl.

Original Air Date: December 8, 2022

Call Me Kat – Call Me Chrismukkah Main Cast

Mayim Bialik as Kat
Swoosie Kurtz as Sheila
Cheyenne Jackson as Max
Kyla Pratt as Randi
Leslie Jordan as Phil
Julian Gant as Carter

Call Me Kat – Call Me Chrismukkah Guest Stars & Additional Cast

Vicki Lawrence as Lurlene Crumpler
Gianna McLaughlin as Jessica
Kevin Sussman as Zac
Jay Linzy as Darren
Gianna McLaughlin as Jessica
George Takei

Call Me Kat – Call Me Chrismukkah Media – Videos & Photos

Call Me Kat Show Information

An optimistic and fun-loving woman continuously defies societal expectations, and her mother's wishes, to prove she can live a happy and fulfilling life on her own terms. Her first move? Using her entire savings to open a cat café in Louisville, Ky. Kat's in her element at her lively cat café, working alongside her friends: Randi, a bold, aspiring artist, and Phil, the café's resident baker dipped in Southern flair. Across the way, the local piano bar, run by cool, down-to-earth Carter, is the gang's favorite watering hole, where Kat's best friend from college, Max, slings drinks and charms the patrons. All the while, Kat's mother, Sheila, actively keeps tabs on her daughter's romantic life. Kat finds herself in all sorts of predicaments, handling them as only she can -- with joy, humor and positivity

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