Gotham Knights – Night of the Owls Cast & Guest Stars – Season 1 Episode 13 (2023)

Faced with their most dangerous rescue yet, the Gotham Knights realize that trusting each other may be the only way to save themselves and the city of Gotham; Harvey is faced with an impossible decision that could have devastating consequences.

Original Air Date: June 27, 2023

Gotham Knights – Night of the Owls Main Cast

Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes
Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela
Fallon Smythe as Harper Row
Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row
Misha Collins as Harvey Dent
Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown
Navia Ziraili Robinson as Carrie Kelley
Rahart Adams as Brody March

Gotham Knights – Night of the Owls Guest Stars & Additional Cast

Lindy Booth as Jane Doe
Lauren Stamile as Rebecca March
Deja Dee as Commissioner Soto
Angela Davis as Dr. Kelley
Lazell Brown as Sgt. Apone
Charles Mesure as Henry Ducard
Marianna Schuck as Officer Leila Cooper
Grace Junot as Dr. Chase Meridian
Paul Ryden as Gotham News Now Anchor
Jeffrey Mayfield as Motor Pool Officer

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Gotham Knights Show Information

Batman is dead, and a powder keg has ignited Gotham City without the Dark Knight to protect it. In the wake of Bruce Wayne's murder, his adopted son Turner Hayes is framed for his killing. With the charismatic and hard-charging District Attorney Harvey Dent and the GCPD hot on his trail, Turner must rely on allies including his best friend and formidable coder Stephanie Brown, and unlikely Batman sidekick Carrie Kelley. However, they soon learn there is a larger, more nefarious force at work within Gotham City. This team of mismatched fugitives must band together to become its next generation of saviors known as the Gotham Knights.

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