HouseBroken – Who’s a Scaredy Cat? Cast & Guest Stars – Season 2 Episode 4 (2023)

When Honey attempts to cure Diablo’s irrational fear of basement monsters, she puts the whole group in jeopardy; Chico and the Gray One follow Kevin onto a plane to get to the bottom of why Kevin always abandons Chico.

Original Air Date: April 2, 2023

HouseBroken – Who’s a Scaredy Cat? Main Cast

HouseBroken – Who’s a Scaredy Cat? Guest Stars & Additional Cast

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HouseBroken Show Information

HouseBroken" is an animated series that takes an irreverent look at human behavior through the lens of animals. The animals' search for meaning often leads them on wild adventures, far away from the cushy confines of domestic pet life. Honey, a standard poodle, leads the group, encouraging them to confront their issues. The animals include Shel, a sex-positive tortoise with intimacy issues and a knack for choosing unconventional partners; Tabitha, an aging Persian cat beauty queen who is trying to adjust to life off the cat show circuit; The Gray One, a street smart cat who lives with about 30 other cats and has his one eye on Tabitha; Chico, a chonky, co-dependent cat who is in an unhealthy relationship with his neglectful owner; Diablo, a sweater-wearing, anxious terrier with OCD tendencies; Max, a social-climbing Hollywood pig formerly owned by George Clooney; and Chief, a dopey St. Bernard who lives with Honey and enjoys tormenting squirrels and licking himself.

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