The Ark – A Slow Death is Worse Cast & Guest Stars – Season 1 Episode 7 (2023)

The crew discover they’re not alone in space and learn more about where they came from.

Original Air Date: March 15, 2023

The Ark – A Slow Death is Worse Main Cast

Christie Burke as Sharon Garnet
Reece Ritchie as Spencer Lane
Richard Fleeshman as James Brice
Stacey Read as Alicia Nevins 
Ryan Adams as Angus Medford
Pavle Jerinic as Felix Strickland
Shalini Peiris as Dr. Sanjivni Kabir
Christina Wolfe as Cat Brandice
Tiana Upcheva as Eva Markovic

The Ark – A Slow Death is Worse Guest Stars & Additional Cast

Tamara Radovanovic as Jelena Griff
Steven William Moore as William Mulcahy
Milos Cvetkovic as Sasha Novak
Michael Stokey as Albert Stein
Tanasije Cakic as Florian Rupnik
Cosmo Kay as Nathan Stark
Jessica Yemi as Naomi Spencer
Jelena Moore as Stella Cogner
Davor Perunovic as Robert Strickland
Paul Leonard Murray as William Trust
Samantha Glassner as Kelly Fowler
Mercedes De La Cruz as Helena Trust
Aleksandar Stoimenovski as Ross

The Ark – A Slow Death is Worse Media – Videos & Photos

The Ark Show Information

Spacecraft Ark One encounters a catastrophic event on a mission to secure the survival of the human race; the remaining crew must survive with a lack of life-sustaining supplies, loss of leadership, and over a year until they reach the target planet.

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