The Blacklist – Wormwood Cast & Guest Stars – Season 10 Episode 18 (2023)

Red’s attempt to mediate a meeting between two rival families takes a deadly turn; when an elusive criminal is linked to the incident, the task force races against time to save Red and his associates.

Original Air Date: June 22, 2023

The Blacklist – Wormwood Main Cast

James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington
Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler
Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper
Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai
Mozhan Marnò as Samar Navabi
Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma
Laura Sohn as Alina Park
Anya Banerjee as Siya Malik

The Blacklist – Wormwood Guest Stars & Additional Cast

Dashiell Eaves as Wormwood
Alex Brightman as Herbie Hambright
Mackenzie Astin as Jonathan Pritchard
Toby Leonard Moore as Congressman Hudson
Sami Bray as Agnes
Manny Ureña as Michael
Frankie J. Alvarez as Izan
Nestor Serrano as Raoul
Steven Bauer as Vicente
Brandon Espinoza as Tito
Joey Parsons as Dr. Fang
Robert M. Jimenez as David
Kelly Lester as Chef Lindquist
Robert J Morgalo as Leon
Emerald Rose Sullivan as Waiter
Melinda Lee as Dancer #1

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The Blacklist Show Information

For decades, ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington has been one of the globe's most wanted fugitives. But then he agreed to work with the FBI to catch his "blacklist" of mobsters, spies and international terrorists -- on the condition that he must work with profiler Elizabeth Keen. Red's true intentions -- choosing Liz, a woman with whom he seemingly has no connection -- are unclear. Does Liz have secrets of her own? Red promises to teach Liz to think like a criminal "to see the bigger picture," whether she wants to or not.

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